15 self care habits of successful women

15 Self Care Habits of Successful Women

I define a successful woman not by the career she holds, or the money she makes, but by the happiness and peace she exudes. So often we are running around like chickens without a head, anxious, stressed, overwhelmed, and taking care of everyone else but ourselves.

But the truth is, the more and more we neglect ourselves, the more deteriorated and exhausted we become.

Self-care is not selfish, it is self-love.

So here are 15 self-care habits of successful women that you can start right now to start prioritizing you and your happiness so you can be the best you not just for others, but for fabulous and amazing YOU!

15 Self Care Habits of Successful Women

1. Break up with your phone

Step 1. Turn off your notifications. Yes, I said it. Turn them off.

That constant ping, that distraction, that burst of adrenaline or anxiety about that work email. Turn it off.

Setting clear boundaries with your technology is critical.

Schedule time for email checking, creative work, etc, but do not, and I repeat, do not do it all at once.

Switching from task to task takes you away from truly focusing on that one important thing you are trying to do and achieve.

So put the phone down, turn off those distracting notifications, stop scrolling social media, and focus on the priorities and tasks that matter most.

2. Repeat after me…. No

Every time you are faced with a decision to make, pause, and ask yourself, do I really want to do this. And, if the answer is no, honor that.

It may not be what the other person wants to hear, and it may not be what you think you “should” be doing, but honoring that inner voice, that inner knowing, and doing that over and over and over again, is what is going to ultimately fill your days with joy versus obligation.

Be ok with the fact that they may not like your decision, because you do not exist here on this earth to make everyone else happy. You have to make choices that contribute to your own happiness.

Have the confidence to know from within that you made the right choice, for you. Saying no to others, is saying yes to yourself, to putting you and your priorities first, and there is nothing selfish about that. Self-love is not selfish.

3. Listen to your triggers and act on them

Maybe food shopping is super stressful to you, or maybe you always feel a certain way every Sunday knowing the work week starts tomorrow, or maybe you get anxious when scrolling through social media or checking notifications on your phone.

Listen to that and act on it.

Food shopping stresses you out, see if you can get it delivered.

Work doesn’t fulfil you, think about what does, and take small steps towards that goal.

Phone stressing you out, turn off notifications and put the phone aside so you don’t keep picking it up and checking it when you are trying to focus on something else.

Listening and being aware of those triggers and acting on them are the small steps that ultimately lead to the biggest rewards.

4. Have honest conversations

It is not about the number of friends or family you have, but the quality. All you need is 1.

1 person, your person.

And if you are blessed enough to have more, then you are very fortunate.

Now I don’t mean just any 1 person. I mean YOUR person.

That ONE person you can tell anything to. That one person that won’t judge you. That one person that won’t guilt trip you. That one person that is there to listen and uplift you, but also challenge you to be better.

It could be your partner, your friend, your family.

But you have to be willing to listen and see things differently. You have to be open to being challenged.

You have to be a supportive and encouraging friend to them as well, and challenge them to be better, and ultimately you will end up growing as individuals together.

5. Stop friend pleasing

Sometimes there are friends or family that you just need to walk away from. Sometimes the relationship is so toxic, that the best decision for you is to walk away or set a hard boundary.

If every time you speak to that person or are around that person, you feel angry or sad or upset or belittled, if the relationship is one-sided, if you just get that feeling in your gut whenever their name is said, listen to that inner knowing.

There are either conversations that need to happen, boundaries that have to be put in place, or relationships that need to be walked away from.

Just because you are related or have been friends for a long-time does not mean they are entitled to your time and friendship.

They must earn it and appreciate it.

6. Relish in some alone time

Having the need to constantly be around others can sometimes deter you from listening to that quiet space within. Relying on others to make you happy is not what ultimately fulfills you.  Others can contribute to your inner happiness, but it starts with you.

Use your alone time to do what truly matters and is important to you. Maybe it is taking a moment to rest, maybe it is listening to that funny podcast, maybe it is having a dance party of one to your favorite songs, maybe it is taking that one step towards your goals.

Whatever it is, it should fill your cup. It should be non-negotiable time. Not time you instead feel obligated to do something else. This is time for you, just you, to do whatever it is that makes you smile and fills your cup.

7. Take a hot bubble bath

A hot bath with bubbles galore and maybe even a candle and some soothing sounds in the background or a glass of wine is as therapeutic as they get in my book.

It can be a way to shed the stress away from the day or week and can really ground you when you are feeling overwhelmed. Take some deep breaths, relax your muscles and enjoy every second. Be present. Sometimes, you may even be surprised to stumble upon your greatest and profound moments of clarity when you are here in this very moment

8. Read a favorite book

Ending the day with your favorite book gives your mind a moment to stop thinking about that never ending to-do list and slowdown from the day. It is also something to look forward to and escape in.

Whether your favorite books are mysteries or romance or self-development, it distracts and winds down your mind from the busyness or worries of the day. It may even help you fall asleep.

9. Watch something that makes you laugh

Sometimes all it takes is a good laugh to shake off the stress. I know there have been moments where I felt so wound up, and found myself deeply intrenched in funny kitten videos, and all my worries just seemed to melt away and not feel as overwhelming.

Maybe there was a show you have been wanting to watch, or a movie you missed, some funny YouTube videos you can watch, or a podcast that you can listen to that shifts your mindset to a calmer state.

Take some time to decompress and enjoy it.

10. Take a walk in nature, do some yoga, meditate

Our bodies are the vehicle for our health, so neglecting it, is certainly not showing self-care.

Whether you like to exercise, or you don’t, doing something you enjoy is pivotal.

Maybe its dancing to your favorite playlist, maybe it is a walk in nature, or some yoga, or learning how to quiet your mind through meditation.

Moving every day, in some shape or form, is pivotal to your overall physical and mental health.

So get out into that sunshine, take a deep breath, and take it all in.

11. Plan something exciting to look forward to

On those hard days, where you just don’t know how to get through, sometimes all it takes is planning something to look forward to to get you through those moments. Some of my favorite things to plan is a massage or facial, a girl’s getaway, a family vacation, or maybe it is a retreat just for you. You know fun is around the corner, and that no matter how hard your day or week is, a stress reliever is right around the corner to reenergize and lift your spirits.

Having something to look forward to is exciting and fun. It gets you through the tough days. It is filling your cup with things that make you happy and excited for. Make you a priority and get planning!

12. Confront your negativity head on

What are the negative things you are telling yourself, the negative self-talk, the self-doubt?

Maybe it is your body, maybe you keep telling yourself that you can’t solve a problem or find your purpose, or that you aren’t good enough, or whatever negativity that ruminates in your thoughts.

Stop in that exact moment and ask yourself. Are those thoughts true?

Whatever it is you are searching to achieve, whether that be better health, finding your purpose, or inner happiness, is attainable. 

It is attainable by taking small steps each and every day toward that goal. It is about telling yourself positive affirmations instead of bashing yourself in the mirror.

It is about believing in you, more than you believe in the negative thoughts in your head, because you, my friend, are amazing, and have everything it takes to achieve all you ever wanted in life.

13. Stop rewarding yourself with food

Whatever is your go-to at the end of a long day, understand that it will only give you momentary happiness. That guilt you feel right after eating it is right around the corner. It is a form of self-sabotaging yourself and effects both your body and mind.

Now you should definitely treat yourself sometimes, because everything in life is moderation, but using it as a means for justification for your stressful day does not serve your mind or body.

Treat yourself with other things, tangible rewards. Maybe a massage, or a facial, or a new journal, things you want and desire and can be excited about.

14. Gratitude Journal

We can be quick to complain and get frustrated at times, but perspective is what can help shift your emotions in that moment.

Not every day will be easy. And sometimes finding the gratitude can be really hard.

Do not ignore what is to be true or how you feel, and do not suppress your emotion of fall into denial, but rather, give yourself grace and know you have everything it takes to overcome whatever life throws your way.

Focusing on the good versus the lack gives you a sense of abundance.

Focusing on the lack gives you a sense of scarcity.

Choose to focus on the good.

15. Surround yourself with incredible memories

Place pictures around your house and it will forever remind you, even on your hardest days, of the amazing memories you have had, and have yet to create.

My twins are forever looking at a digital picture frame I have in the living room my dad got me for my birthday that is a memory reel of all our lives, both before and after motherhood.

It literally makes us smile from ear to ear every single day, but also makes us appreciate how much we have lived and experienced in life, how much we have grown both individually and as a family.

Those memories are priceless and fill our hearts with so much joy, and remind us every day, that life is too precious to not live out to the fullest of our happiness and joy, each and every day, and to give ourselves grace as we become better through the process, and tackle any objects that stand in our way.

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