Bye bye anxiety

Bye Bye Anxiety

I remember when anxiety and my mind ran the show.

A constant racing of thoughts.


Sleepless nights.

Paralysis of fear.

Fear about the future.

Stress about the present.

Regret about the past.


A constant state of worry.

It felt exhausting.

It felt never-ending.

I never thought life would be different.


I can honestly say that through the biggest trials tests in life came the most rewarding outcome I never expected.

I started to read.

I started to self-reflect.

I started to dig deep as to where the fears stemmed from.

I talked to others.

I opened up.

I was honest with myself.

I listened.

I dug deeper.

I dug into my past.

I dug into my present.

I self-reflected.

I asked myself why I felt those emotions and where they came from.


It was a journey into my head.

It was a journey into my heart.

A journey into why I what I was feeling in the present or what I was avoiding from the past.

Why I was stuck in that anxiety and fear.


I never felt the freedom I do now.

I never thought it was possible.

Through the biggest challenges came the biggest breakthroughs.

Through being broken open, I was being set free.


It is the greatest gift you can ever give yourself.

Invest the time in you.

You are so worth it my friend! 


Be honest, and gentle and brave with yourself.

The other side is waiting.

And boy is it FREAKIN AMAZING!

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