how does vulnerability make you stronger

How Does Being Vulnerable Make You Stronger?

Maybe just the thought of being vulnerable gives you anxiety, but did you ever think of how vulnerability could actually make you stronger?

It takes a lot of courage to be vulnerable, and it can feel scary to let that part of you show.

Showing people you are human, not perfect, and dare I say, need help, can actually be a strength.

Here is how being vulnerable can make you stronger

People Can Relate to Your Emotions and Struggles

It shows you are a human with real emotions and people can relate to that. If you are always showing the “perfect persona” and trying to hide your flaws, yet deep inside are suffering, the only person you are ultimately hurting is yourself.

Being vulnerable doesn’t mean you are weak. It doesn’t mean that you aren’t capable. It means you are real, and raw. Numbing yourself to the emotions inside is just avoiding facing our sadness and struggles.

Perfectionism is Self Destructive

Trying to be the perfect parent, spouse, employee, daughter, son 24/7 is a never ending list of expectations that you have set as a standard for yourself. It can be exhausting and can feel like you never measure up. It is like chasing a ball rolling down hill that you can never catch.

Free yourself of the expectations of being perfect. Maybe in this moment, it is good enough. Maybe it doesn’t need to be perfect.

Oftentimes we search for that sense of control in our perfectionism, but the reality is the only thing, and I mean the only thing, that we can control is ourselves.

We cannot control others, outside circumstances, or know what the future holds.

But we can control our current state. We can control our emotions. We can control our inner peace, and sometimes, that inner peace is disrupted by our own high standards and expectations that we ultimately pressure and put on ourselves.

Vulnerability Can Ultimately Give You Freedom From the Judgement of Others

When we dig deep within ourselves, let the pain out, heal past hurts, resentments, we can see circumstances and situations differently. We can have empathy. We can forgive.

We build a confidence from within that is so strong that it won’t matter what other people think of you.

You will find yourself no longer searching for validation from the outside world because you have an inner knowing within.

That inner knowing, that awareness, is the inner peace that gives you courage and bravery to be vulnerable, because you love yourself exactly as you are, perfectly imperfect.

Vulnerability Strengthens Human Connection

Quick story here. My husband and I have been together many many years. For many of those years we had everyday conversations, nothing too deep or personal. We thought we had a great connection.

Then we had twins. Our world was turned upside down and we suddenly were faced with life situations that really challenged us. We first, tried to put on a brave face and tell each other that everything is fine. That we had everything under control.

But we didn’t. We were hiding our emotions to protect each other. We were putting on a brave face.

Having the most intimate and real and raw and vulnerable conversations with each other took our connection not only as parents, but as husband and wife to a completely different level.

We were there for each other emotionally in a way that we never coexisted together before.

It brought our human connection to deeper levels, and strengthened our relationship in ways we never anticipated

So have the conversations you have been burying or avoiding. Speak your truth. Take that 1,000 pound weight off your shoulders.

Let them see the real authentic you.

It is not about their reaction. It is not about them agreeing.

It is about you being you, speaking your truth, and not suffering in silence.

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