How to be true to yourself and ignore the naysayers

Have you ever had the feeling that maybe sometimes you feel like you are not being true to yourself and living life based on the “shoulds” of others?

“You should get a job doing this.”

“You should parent this way.”

“You should be happy.”

So why aren’t you?

Here is how to ignore the unsolicited advice and be true to yourself. 

Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable

 It can be easy to put on a smiling face and from the outside in, seem content.

But deep inside we know there is a missing piece, a void.

Keeping up the façade is ignoring the truth, and once you own your truth and speak your truth, it is almost like that thing that has been eating at you from the inside, is set free.

Most people give advice thinking that their way is the way for us.

They don’t know your inner emotions. They don’t know your deep desires.

Maybe they haven’t seen it from your perspective.

Getting vulnerable and sharing your truth, your passions, your hopes, your frustrations, your dreams is honoring them.

Is it scary, heck yes.

Is it worth it, 1000%.

It is your job to believe in you.

It is your job to fulfill your own happiness.

Whether or not people believe in you is irrelevant, because you, and only you, hold the key to your success and happiness.

Stop chasing the approval of others

If you give up every time someone tells you that you can’t achieve something, you are ultimately giving up on yourself.

The good news is most of the time the advice is coming from a good place and is well-intentioned.

They don’t want to see you disappointed or struggle or fail.

But that is not a reason to not pursue it.

Do you have to know it all? Nope.

Does it have to be perfect? Hell no.

Do you need the approval of others to do what sets your soul on fire? Never.

Do you have to put in the work? Absolutely.

Believe in yourself more than you believe in their opinion.

What happens 5, 10, 15 years down the line if you do nothing?

How will you feel?

Let that motivate you to take action, one baby step at a time.


Do what feels true to you, and ultimately makes you happy

Now it’s time to share that special gift that only you have with the world.

You have a responsibility to be the curator of your own happiness.

There will be no parade of cheerleaders.

There will be nobody over your shoulder telling you to get it done.

Most days, you won’t even feel like doing it.

Many days, the people you love the most will tell you that you are crazy.

They are most likely well-intentioned and don’t see the vision you have for your life.

They aren’t supposed to.

It is your vision and your responsibility to bring it to fruition.

It will be you, being your biggest cheerleader.

It will be you, taking action, even when you don’t feel like it.

It will be you, motivating yourself, when everyone else tells you that you are crazy.

It will be you stepping into your purpose that only you have and can give.

You will learn as you go.

You will become the expert.

You will give your gift to the world as nobody else can give.

You will live with no regrets.

It is your responsibility to be true to yourself and fight for your own happiness.

Never give up on you, your dreams, and your happiness, no matter what anyone tells you, and always be true to yourself.

It is worth every step.

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