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Stop Giving Moms Unsolicited Advice – And This Is Why

I bet you LOVE unsolicited advice. 


I know as a new mom of twins, I was always under the barrage of advice.


Do it this way.

Why don’t you try this?

So and so said this works like a dream.

Why didn’t you put on a hat?


It was so overwhelming.

I knew that often times people meant well or maybe sometimes they didn’t.

But every piece of advice felt like a criticism of me as a mother.

Like I wasn’t doing it right.


All it did was create stress.

It created frustration.

It built resentment.

It gnawed at my anxiety.

It compounded my fears.


I needed a listening ear.

I needed a comforting voice to tell me I was doing an amazing job.

I wanted to know that those closest to me trusted my decisions as a mother, rather than making me feel like I had to question myself at every turn.

I wanted deep down to trust in myself that I had everything it takes and was doing pretty damn good.



As a new mom, we are already questioning ourselves in every decision.

Did I do the right thing?

Why is the baby crying?

What is that dot on their butt?

Do they have a fever?

Am I feeding them the right things?


The unsolicited advice, although oftentimes coming from a good place, can make you spiral into a never-ending sea of decisions and anxiety.


My best advice to you is this.

Your inner knowing never lies.

Trust in that voice.

Trust in you.

Do what IT tells you to do.


Let go of the need to please everyone or the fear of disappointing others.

Because at the end of the day, it is only hurting you.


Stop letting others doubt yourself and stay true to you.


You have everything it takes.

You have everything you need.

Never doubt that.

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