Vulnerability Alert!


Soooooo this has to be THE MOST vulnerable post, as it is something I have struggled with my entire life. Many will look at this picture and say, WOW how gorgeous you look! And for that I thank and appreciate you, but I want to share a story with you behind this photo.

I did not know it at the time, but I was pregnant in this photo. I had purchased this AMAZING wig and felt absolutely fabulous in it. Now at the time, I was thinking to myself wow, this is glamorous, easy to maintain, just like putting on a hat and out the door I go.

Then I had a daughter, who like me has curly hair, and I found myself saying to her “You are beautiful just the way you are!” And then I paused and thought to myself, what kind of message would I be sending if I told HER she is beautiful just as she is, and was not feeling the exact same way myself?

Now I am all for wigs, extensions, whatever makes you feel your best and fills your cup BUT my point is this, I was hiding behind it.

Truth is, if you feel just as beautiful with or without it, then rock on sister!

But if you don’t, and I know I certainly didn’t, heal the hurt first, then do what makes you happy and fills your cup.

You see, I was bullied severely for my hair and always had a complex about it. I always wanted long blond hair and to be “like them.”

But the truth is if I felt as beautiful in the wig as I did without it then game on, but I didn’t. I still love my wig and will maybe rock it from time to time, maybe not, maybe donate it, who knows, but I won’t hide behind it.

As a mom, it is my responsibility to confront these insecurities head on and not hide behind them, no matter how hard that may be, so I can teach my children what courage is.

I am still a work in progress but learning to love myself more and more EXACTLY AS IS with each passing day.

So whatever that insecurity is for you, maybe it’s your weight, your thoughts, your past hurts, your self-worth, your toxic relationships, whatever that may be for you, don’t hide behind it. 

Heal it and be authentically you.

Face it head on, and you will come out shinning brighter than you ever did.

You are worth of all the self-love there is and the first step, is accepting and recognizing that you are worthy of it all.

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